Rail Consulting Company and Achilles Audits in Berkshire & the South East

Welcome to Lakewood Management Services

Lakewood Management Services is a leading rail consulting company and provider of Achilles audits and rail compliance services specialising in health and safety.

We are an established and experienced management and railway consultancy firm with 50 years’ experience of work on the rail. We strongly believe in not only the importance of a value-enhancing audit procedure but working procedures that actually mean something. We will evaluate and audit your processes to Achilles RISQS standards and, as one of the most experienced rail consulting companies in the UK, we can give further recommendations and advice to help you become the most reliable supplier in your field when it comes to tender selection.

At Lakewood Management Services, we identify and concentrate on key areas from a risk-based perspective. This means that our RISQS Achilles audit and consultancy is competitively priced while maintaining the professional and market-leading level of service.

Our Berkshire rail consultants offer a personal and professional service to all of our clients. We give you the information you need to minimise your risks and maximise your return, whether conducting a railway health and safety check or a compliance audit.

Register today with Achilles for your RISQS audit; it is our goal to give you the recommendations to bring you up to the required Industry Minimum standards and pass your audit with flying colours. Our rail compliance expertise will save you money and win you more business.

The advantages of using a rail consulting company are clear. Depending on the products you deal with, you may or may not require an on-site external Achilles RISQS audit. Regardless of that, we can review your documentation, systems and processes to ensure you achieve the RISQS qualification.